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Adams Brothers Communications, Inc., formerly HeartPT, was founded in 1999 to provide continuing education programs for hospital-based healthcare providers around the world. Our speakers have taught at schools, national conventions, hospitals and seminars internationally.  Although educated and trained in the United States, Adams Brothers Communications educates therapists internationally.  All cultures want safe and efficient ways to rehabilitate their patients and most techniques taught can be utilized globally. 

Continuing education mission

Adams Brothers Communications Inc. focuses on continuing education for healthcare providers in the hospital setting (Occupational Therapists, Physical Therapists, and Speech Language Pathologists in particular). We offer continuing education activities that are designed to improve healthcare providers' clinical skills and to enable them to meet licensing requirements. Healthcare topics can be confusing, so we focus on trying to simplify the complexities and point out common mistakes so they can be avoided. Every attempt is made to obtain accreditation from all relevant governing organizations to allow the attendee to focus on learning. Please review our current list of accreditations for more information.

Our goals

  1. Provide highly qualified educators with significant hands-on knowledge of the topics they are teaching.
  2. Offer courses with relevance to the hospital setting (acute and critical care).
  3. Offer a pre-test and post-test (or written competency) in each course to demonstrate improvement in knowledge and/or skills in acute/critical care.
  4. Offer a written competency in selected courses for official documentation of knowledge and abilities in selected areas.
  5. Offer a feedback form to collect data on how well the educational needs of attendees are being met and to improve the educational experience.
  6. Provide organized, easy-to-follow learning experiences.
  7. Provide an activity that will enrich the therapist's contributions to quality healthcare and pursuit of professional career goals.
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